Beate Buchner

I was born and raised in Munich, Germany. In 2003 I moved to Norway and have lived at Nesodden ever since. I love working with people and have done it all my life. I am trained pedag and certified consultant facilitator within Three In One Concepts (2003), and certified Thetahealer (2009). I have had practice at Nesodden since 2003. I am a course leader, speaker and write articles for related topics.

week 42/2020

This message came to me in a meditation many years ago - a beautiful image I still carry in my heart. How easy is it to slide down a slide? Super easy and fun. That's how easy and simple it is for the universe to fulfill our wishes and dreams when we look with gratitude. Gratitude [...]

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Week 41/2020

It's a fact of life that there are many conspiracy theories out there in the world. Even among people we may have always considered sober and reasonable, we can find the new conspiracy theorists. We live in a time when it's becoming more and more difficult to know who to trust and who to

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Week 40/2020

Every morning before you get up, take 3 minutes to check your phone and get down to business. Close your eyes and try to imagine your perfect day. What do you want it to look like? How do you want to feel? What do you want to experience? Imagine that now, through your thoughts, you can

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Week 39/2020

"Hocus pocus focus" When I'm with others, I notice that their focus is often on what's not good/perfect, what's missing, what's sad and simply what was the "problem". And not just that problem-focusing can take over, but also what I would call the way you walk around in

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Week 38/2020

Essean sun meditation Today I want to share a very short but effective morning meditation with you. It is attributed to the Essians who were a religious community that existed from the 100s BC to the 100s AD. The Essean sun meditation was considered to be very effective and healing. In the meditation, you focus on the life-giving power of the sun and what is called Solar Plexus.

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Week 37/2020

Stress and negative thoughts/feelings are bad for our immune system. Today, I'd like to share an exercise that can immediately help you find more peace: find a spot in your garden or out in nature and stand with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Imagine you're standing under a waterfall and the water is overflowing

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