This routine is good to do one or two hours before going to bed, at least when you don't intend to use your phone or computer anymore. A simple and short but effective evening routine that will give you a better night's sleep and cleanse you of electrosmog.

I am now taking a vacation and will be back in August! I wish you a very happy summer! Take care of yourself and we'll talk/hear/see you again in August. 🌿☀️

27. calendar week

This evening routine can be done an hour or two before you go to bed, at least if you plan to put your phone/laptop away. This simple but very effective exercise will give you a good night's sleep and cleanse you of all electrosmog particles. 

I'm on vacation now and we won't see/hear from each other again until August. I wish you a wonderful time until then! 🌿☀️